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Considering an Oiling System Change

Oil changes are an essential part of owning any type of motor vehicle. But there are many who question whether they are necessary or cost effective. The fact is that changing your oil does more than just save your engine from wear and tear. It also protects your vehicle’s engine parts from damage. Here are the different types of oils available and the best way to choose them for your vehicle.

Changing your engine oil regularly will extend the life of your engine by keeping it clean and free of built-up deposits. You may be surprised to know that both synthetic and conventional engine oil is derived from the same crude oil. But synthetic oil is made using less impurities and is therefore less prone to break down. So while conventional oil normally lasts for only 5,500 miles, full synthetic could easily go up to ten,000 miles between oil changes. This means that if you want to keep your engine running efficiently, then changing your engine oil regularly is necessary.

It used to be said that an oil change was no longer needed after one thousand miles. But this is not true anymore. Since modern cars are designed to last for at least ten, fifteen, even twenty years, you really need to change your oil every three to five years. This means that even if you have been using your car for just a few decades ago, it is still okay to have your engine oil changed. And you do not have to pay through the nose just to get this done.

When changing your oil, there are several factors that you should consider. One of the factors is the viscosity of your engine oil. As your engine slows down, your oil will decrease in viscosity. The less oil you have, the more your engine will run and feel cold. Hence, it is wise to change your oil every three hundred miles or so. A general rule of thumb is that the oil will decrease in viscosity approximately fifteen percent for every three hundred miles.

Another factor to consider when considering having your oil changed is the level of wear and tear on your engine has undergone. If your engine has been running for only a couple of decades, you may not really need to have your engine changed anymore. But if you have been driving your car for at least five decades, you definitely should have your engine checked by a mechanic to ensure that it is running properly and to avoid any potential problems. If you find out that your engine has several issues, it is best to get your engine changed right away to avoid any potential serious engine damage that may occur because of faulty oil and/or engine maintenance procedures.

Oil filter changes are also required to maintain the proper working order of the different components in your car. If you neglect to change your oil filter, you will risk the chance of your engine overheating. If the engine overheats, it will definitely require an oil change. Some of the most common components that require oil change are the oil pan, the oil pump, the oil drain plug, and the oil filter. If any of these parts are malfunctioning, it is imperative to get your engine checked right away. And since most of these parts are located under the hood, it is important to use an auto service center that offers reliable and professional service and support to ensure that your vehicle’s condition is properly cared for.